2. Here’s a very special BILLY & THE BITCH in Claymation.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous said: Where can I see more of your brilliant work?

    Thanks Anonymous. My channel on Youtube is where it’s at. More to come!

  4. Anonymous said: Great stuff Dave. Was wondering how you rig together your paper cut outs for animation? Cheers mate!

    Funny but just plain old Blu-Tack. Use white if you can find it, less oily and inconspicuous. 

  5. Anonymous said: In which tool you design this animation can you plz tell me i want to learn this type of animation

    It’s frame by frame movement by hand. I capture each frame with a Canon SLR using Dragonframe and import to Final Cut Pro for editing. Thats how I make em pictures

  6. Famine Baby vs Obesity Baby. 

    Bring on BABY FIGHT BABY

  7. Watch the ultimate big baby smackdown! It’s BABY FIGHT BABY

  8. 4 ingredients of inspiration » The Pool Cleaner 

  9. New Short: THE POOL CLEANER.

    A porn without the porn.  

    Buster Keaton meets David Lynch in a Russ Meyer film.

  10. Production shots: Sex with Condoms